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Our Noon Tea is something to talk about!!


Our loose leaf tea is made with all natural herbs and a little cannabis that will help you relax.


Our tea is perfect for those who don't like the taste  of the CBD oil , CBD/THC edibles  or like to smoke but want to receive the same benefits. 


Also, you can use hand in hand with our CBD oil for those who love to have a cup of tea before bed!!


Each Sample Bag contains 14 different flavors of tea.


Some Noon Tea Benefits:

  • pain relief from arthritis
  • alleviates chronic pain
  • soothes upset stomach
  • targets nervous system function
  • heart health
  • boosts mood 
  • stress relief
  • eases anxiety
  • provides relaxation
  • helps you fall sleep


Flavors: Sangria Hibiscus, Cranberry Hibiscus, Early Grey, Chai, Black Current, Green Tea, Peppermint, Orange Pekoe, Ginger Tumeric , Tumeric Chai, Pomegranate Lavendar, Always Nuttey Black Tea, Chamomile


Remember the longer you steep the stronger the tea!!

Noon Tea - Sample Bag

  • CBD:   5mg  per sample

    THC: 5 mg per sample

    CBD Noon Sample Ingredients: CBD, Loose leaf Tea

    High Noon Sample ingredients: THC, Loose Leaf Tea

    To Use:  Submerge the tea bag into your cup of boiling water to steep. You can chill this tea to drink it cold!!

    For a weak tea - steep for 1 min or less 

    For a strong tea - steep for 3-5 mins

    Recommended : At leat one cup before bed 

    Remember the longer you steep the stronger the tea!!


  • Quanity is for one sample bag.

    Free shipping for all purchases over $100


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