Did you know that olive oil is the shining star in the Mediterranean diet. It is believed by the Mediterranean region, that olive oil was the key to the population's youth and longevity.


Olive oil is high in antioxidants, that help reduce the free radical and the predominant monounsaturated fat in olive is oleic acid which is a anti-inflammatory. Also, olive oil is great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is important in preventing heart disease. Did you know that olive oil is great for your skin!! Its humectant properties moisturize and soothe dry and sun-damaged skin. Also, the oleic acid supports the skin's natural breathing process and sebum production.


So, olive oil combine with cannabis is an extra perk to great health benefits!!


Some benefits for both THC and CBD

1. Pain Relief

2 Anti- Inflammatory

3. Appetite

4. Mood

5. Immune Response

6. Better Sleep


And Much More!!

Infused Olive Oil

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  • CBD/THC: 2000mg

    Dosage for 2000mg

    1 teaspoon is 20mg

    1 tablespoon is 60mg

    CBD Olive Oil Ingredients: CBD, Olive Oil

    THC Olive Oil Ingredients: THC, Olive Oil

    To Use: Add to your fav recipes and enjoy!!

    Remember a little goes a long way, so always start with small amounts and work your way up!!


  • Quantity is for one jar.

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